South Africa Now - Show #N702

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
February 6, 1991
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 26:42
Type: TV broadcast
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Zambia
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Iraq
Language: English
0:08 - Anti-War Protest, Washington, DC; 0:45 - This week South Africa Now reports these stories; 1:53 - The uncensored news with Thandeka Gqubule and Fana Kekana; 2:00-PARLIMANT OPENS reported by Phillip Tomlinson, reports on President F.W. de Klerk, video of a South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) television report, interview of Murphy Morobe of the United Democratic Front (UDF), discusses apartheid laws, white rule, and interim government, the ANC (African National Congress), Nelson Mandela, sanctions, the vote, negotiations, American law, political prisoners, the Bush administration, Paul Simon; 5:29 - Meeting between Nelson Mandela and Inkatha's Chief Buthelezi reported by Emily Kasriel: includes an interview of Transkei "homeland" leader Major General Bantu Holomisa, discusses violence, a peace plan, police, the security police, the Third Force, Gatsha Buthelezi, the mass action campaign; 8:32 - SOUTH AFRICA IRAQ CONNECTION: includes a phone interview of Adel Darwish of The Independent newspaper, discusses Saddam Hussein, Lusaka Airport, artillery fire, long range artillery weapons, shell capable of delivering poison gas, UN sanctions, Armscor, gold;9:42-FARMER'S PROTEST: includes South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) video, discusses ANC and PAC (Pan Africanist Congress) mass protests, white farmer’s protest of the government's agricultural policies, the Land Act, tractors, Pretoria; 10:15 - ON TRIAL: discusses Winnie Mandela, kidnapping, assault, young men, bodyguards; 10:39-COVERING THE CONVERAGE: includes video of a SABC protest, discusses the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), CNN, Danny Schechter, the Campaign for an Open Media, South Africa Now, independent filmmakers, points of view; 12:36 - PARLIAMNT OPENS reported by Nadja Smith: includes video of President F.W. de Klerk's speech to Parliament, an interview of Prof. Andre Thomashausen by Anton Enus of SABC, includes interviews of Tom Karis of the City University of New York (CUNY) and Binifer Narogi of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, discusses racial discrimination, discriminatory laws and practices, the Land Acts of 1913 and 1936, the Group Areas Act, the Development of Black Communities Act, townships, homelands, the Population Registration Act, the Conservative Party, the African National Congress, minority rule, the National Party, security legislation, detention without trial, freeing political prisoners, the return of exiles, the black liberation movement, the Internal Security Act, the police, the rule of law, the right to vote, laws; 19:38 - CULTURE LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO: includes video at the Sounds of Brazil Club in New York City, includes an interview of Joseph Shabalala, discusses the Grammy Award, Paul Simon, the Graceland album, isicathamiya; 26:15 - That’s our show for this week:  discusses Black History Month, the American Committee on Africa (ACOA),a national view-in of the Mandela in America video, Gonzaga University, Tennessee  State University, the University of Illinois, Brown University, Columbia College, Shepherd College, Miami University, the Black Filmmaker Foundation, the Hollywood Policy Center Foundation, the New Yorker Club, the Cleveland Ohio Free South Africa Movement, the Delaware Committee  for a Free South Africa, the Fund for a Free South Africa

Used by permission of Globalvision