South Africa Now - Show #N412

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
July 18, 1990
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 28:39
Type: TV broadcast
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
0:05 - From Times Square, and electronic billboard adds Art Against Apartheid's message to the glitz of Old Broadway; 0:39 - This week South Africa Now presents these stories; 1:50 - The uncensored news with Fana Kekana and Mweli Mzizi; 1:54-Violence in South Africa: discusses bombing rightwing extremists, apartheid, F.W. de Klerk, the ANC (African National Congress); 2:14: Chief Gatsha Buthelezi: discusses Inkatha, a political party; 2:25 - SQUATTER CAMPS: discusses a group of women, naked, bulldozers, the demolition of a shantytown, teargas, police, municipal workers, Phola Park, demolition of shacks, tents; 3:11 - SANCTIONS BUSTER reported by Eric Nadler: includes an interview with U.S. Attorney Jay Stephans, includes excerpts of an Armscor video, includes video with the voices of Special Agent Don Bloodworth of the U.S. Customs Service and convicted arms smugger Maryann Callaghan, discusses a U.S. Cunstoms sting, missile gyroscopes, Operation Exodus, anti-tank missile systems, a worldwide arms embargo; 7:21 - NEW SANCTIONS: includes video of New York City Mayor David Dinkins, discusses the New York City Council, a local law, a more expanded sanctions bill, companies with ties to South Africa, banks dealing with South Africa; 8:00 - FRONTLINE FOCUS with Joseph Diescho; 8:04 - MOZAMBIQUE: includes an interview of Fernando Lima of the Mozambique News Agency, discusses the Frelimo government, Renamo, atrocities, was direct talks, political views, negotiations; 8:47- Ian Smith: includes excerpts of an interview with former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith on the McLaughlin Report/CNBC television, Discuses F.W. de Klerk, Nelson Mandela, conservatives, the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI); 9:50 - COVERING THE COVERAGE reported by Phillip Tomlinson: includes an interview with African Commentary editor OK Ndibe, discusses reporters, Western media, Chinua Achebe; 11:38  - Attacks on journalists in South Africa: discusses the Committee to Protect Journalists, the murder of Sam Mabe of the Sowetan newspaper, the bombing of Vrye Weekblad; 11:57 - Request for visa denied: includes an interview of South Africa Now executive producer Danny Schechter, discusses the exclusion of journalists, television journalists, the State Department, the Department of Home Affairs; 13:49 - TOXIC WASTE reported by Eric Nadler: includes interviews of Ann Leonard of Greenpeace, Bill Lamprecht of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Representative Howard Wolpe and Peter Bahouth of Greenpeace, includes video of a demonstration at American Cyanamid in New Jersey, discusses American Cyanamid, mercury, Thor Chemicals, the Mgwenya river, Natal, the Zulu people, drinking water, pollution, local villagers, the South African Chemical Workers Union (SACWU), protesting deadly exports, police, a petition; 20:53 - Culture TOWNSHIP ART: includes interviews of art historian Brenda Danilowitz, South African artist Helen Sebidi, exile Dumile Feni and exile Ashley Ward, discusses visual artists, politics, the homelands, Cape Town’s Community Arts Project, the Cape Youth Congress, a banner, T-shirts, painters, sculptors [note: The normal spelling of OK Ndibe is Okey Ndibe.]

Used by permission of Globalvision