South Africa Now - Show #N407

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
June 13, 1990
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 29:10
0:25 - Nelson Mandela is coming to America: includes an interview of Edwin Clarke, New York City resident, discusses the vote; 1:09 - This week South Africa Now presents these stories; 2:18 - The uncensored news with Fana Kekana and Mweli Mzizi; 2:24 - STATE OF EMERGENCY: includes video of F.W. de Klerk, includes interviews of ANC Deputy President Nelson Mandela in Paris, ANC Representative to the UN Tebogo Mafole, and Makau Matua of Lawyers Committee on Human Rights, discusses lifting of the State of Emergency except in the province of Natal, detention without trial, suppression of decent, the ANC (African National Congress), political prisoners, political exiles, death row, troops in the townships, negotiations, the Human Rights Commission, human rights activists, imprisoned, opposing apartheid, the police force, the army, quelling unrest, the South African Council of Churches (SACC); 5:46 - USA TOUR reported by Phillip Tomlinson: includes an interview of Jim Bell of the Nelson Mandela Reception Committee, discusses the visit of Nelson Mandela to the United Sates, sanctions, a rally at Yankee Stadium, a ticker tape parade, a reception at City Hall, divestment, the anti-apartheid movement; 9:08 - Threats of protests from hardliners in the Jewish community: includes an interview of Henry Siegman of the American Jewish Congress, discusses, Yasser Arafat the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Golda Meir, supporters of Israel, a delegation of prominent Jewish leaders, Israel's right to exist, Geneva, Lusaka; 10:53 - M.I.T. DIVESTMENT: includes video of anti-apartheid activists protesting the refusal of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) refusal to divest from companies doing business in South Africa at the MIT commencement, discusses the MIT Coalition Against Apartheid, divestment, debates; 11:29 - COVERING THE COVERAGE:  includes an interview of journalist Allister Sparks, discusses the Rand Daily Mail, the Observer, the Washington Post, the book The Mind of South Africa: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid, Afrikaner nationalism, the ideology of apartheid, Nelson Mandela, black majority rule; 13:59 - SOWETO UPRISING REMEMBERED:  includes interviews of former Soweto students Tsheke Morathi and Senti Thobejane, includes an interview former Soweto Principal Curtis Nkondo; discusses June 16, the Afrikaans language as a medium of instruction, boycotting classes, march to Orlando Stadium, a peaceful protest, freedom songs, Mofolo Park, police, teargas, the army coming into locations, hippos, Hector Pieterson; 20:04 - CULTURE FREEDOM CHARTER: includes an interview of Michael Edward-Stevens, includes an excerpt of the music video "Freedom Charter", discusses Nelson Mandela; 25:53 - Hotline View Voices: includes phone comments by Peter Apinia, Indianapolis, Indiana; Philip Rainbow, Aroura, Colorado; Jimmy Gillis, Miami, Florida; 28:08 - Nelson Mandela Free At Last Home Video [Note: Tsheke Morathi may be Tseke Morathi.]

Used by permission of Globalvision