South Africa Now - Show #N404

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
May 23, 1990
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 28:50
Type: TV broadcast
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Europe, United Nations
Language: English
0:29 - Anthony Lewis, New York Times columnist; 1:00 - This week South Africa Now reports these stories; 2:04 - The uncensored news with Fana Kekana and Carolyn Craven; 2:08 - Right Wing Vigilantes, Stuart Sender reporting: includes video of an AWB rally and Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok, interviews of Eugene Terre'Blanche, Beyers Naude,  journalist Allister Sparks and Stanley Mabizela, discusses the mining town Welkom, violence, black mine workers, security forces, Anglo American Corporation, ANC T-shirts, a black consumer boycott of white owned businesses, AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, Afrikaner Resistance Movement), Nelson Mandela, the ANC (African National Congress), racially motivated attacks on blacks, the apartheid system, police, commandos; 6:07 - President F.W. de Klerk’s European trip: includes video of De Klerk with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an anti-apartheid rally, discusses sanctions, Belgium, Germany, protests; 6:28 - Visit to the U.S.: includes interviews of Anthony Lewis, discusses President Bush, Nelson Mandela, negotiation; 7:47 - A Randall Robinson Commentary: discusses economic sanctions, political isolation, TransAfrica, talks about talks, change; 9:25 - Hospital Desegregation:  includes video of last year’s defiance campaign including of COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Unions) General Secretary Jay Naidoo, discusses South African Health Minister Rina Venter; 10:18 - Labor Watch: includes video of a press conference by Sisa Njikelana,  General Secretary of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union (NEHAWU), discusses wages, a contract, hospitals in black townships, government recognition, the end of a strike, a living wage, trade union rights, Minister of Constitutional Development Gerrit Viljoen; 11:18 - Three stories on anti-apartheid activities against companies and institutions doing business with South Africa; 11:27 - The South African Connection Boeing reported by Tracy Wright: includes video of a shanty and demonstration outside the headquarters of Boeing in Seattle including a talk speech by Eddie Rye of the Minority Contractors Association , includes an interview of Rev. Robert Jeffrey,  discusses the sale of Boeing 747s plans to South African Airways (SAA); 13:39 - Virginia Governor Douglass Wilder signs an executive order: includes video of a press conference by Governor Wilder, discusses divestment of state funds from companies doing business in South Africa, future investments; 14:49 - Cornell Trustees Support Racism: includes video students at Cornell University in Ithaca and shantytown they built as part the campaign for divestment; 15:29 - C.E.O. FOR SANCTIONS reported by Nadja Smith: includes video of Amnesty International’s 1988 Human Rights Now tour and of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, includes Labonte video of South Africa of townships, Alan Boesak and Nelson Mandela , includes an interviews of Joseph Labonte and Donna Labonte, discusses the American Business Initiative for South Africa (ABISA), the Fortune 500 companies, Crossroads; 22:22 - Question of the Week: How do you join the ANC in South Africa? 23:02 - Culture, Voices From South Africa:  includes video of the exhibit Voices From South Africa at the Stuart Levy Gallery, includes an interview with South African artists Dumile Fene, Kim Berman and Jo-Anne Green; 25:56 – Hotline; 26:50 - Next week the Lion of Zimbabwe Thomas Mapfumo

Used by permission of Globalvision