South Africa Now - Show #N107

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
September 11, 1989
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 28:47
0:21-Greetings from Trafalgar Square where young people have been holding a vigil for three years outside the South African Embassy; 1:01-This week South Africa Now reports these stories; 2:16 – All this and more with hosts Fana Kekana and Carolyn Craven; 2:19 - South African Elections reported by Phillip Tomlinson: interviews with Mark Swilling, Baroness Judith Hart, Mike Terry of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement and Anatoly Gromyko of the Soviet African Institute, vide of Rev. Allan Boesak of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Moses Mayekiso of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Witwatersrand (Wits) University, the voice of Lt. Gregory Rockman, information on F.W. de Klerk, the National Party, the Democratic Party, white Parliament, the Conservative Party, the defiance campaign, apartheid, the South African Police (SAP); 7:39 - News Update; 7:52 - The Columbian Connection: South African mercenaries and the drug trade; 8:08 - Religious Divestment: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)voted to divest pension fund money invested in companies doing business with South Africa; 8:30-Sanctions Busting: information on flights from Johannesburg, the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act; 9:17 - Special Edition on the South Africa election: interviews with Tebogo Mafole of the African National Congress (ANC), Tom Lodge and Rob Jones of The Africa Fund, information on P.W. Botha, the constitutional dispensation, the Bantustan policy, the State of Emergency, the mass democratic movement, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, the Release Mandela Campaign; 22:16 - Culture A look through the lens of South Africa photographer David Laurie reported by Mweli Mziz: interview with photographer David Lurie, discusses the gold mines, workers, farmworkers, migrant laborers, fruit farms, farm laborers, Bitter Harvest, the squatter camp Sun City, homelessness, homelands, includes photographs of David C. Turnley 

Used by permission of Globalvision