South Africa Now - Show #N704

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
February 20, 1991
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 28:48
Type: TV broadcast
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
1:05 - This week South Africa Now reports these stories; 2:19 - The uncensored news with Thandeka Gqubule and Fana Kekana; 2:25 - NEW TALKS, the South African government and the ANC have reached a new agreement: includes a phone interview of Saki Macozoma of the ANC Department of Information, discusses release of political prisoners, the return of exiles, armed struggle, the ANC (African National Congress), the negotiation process, peaceful political protests, underground military structures, guerilla training, weapons; 3:39 - ON TRIAL reported by Phillip Tomlinson: includes interview of people on the street, includes interviews of Winnie Mandela and anti-apartheid lawyer Joel Carlson, discusses Winnie Mandela trial, the ANC, the anti-apartheid The Weekly Mail, kidnapping, assault, Nelson Mandela, unsolved crimes, police officers, abductions, Pallo Jordan, media hostile to the ANC, Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) leader Eugène Terre'Blanche, Inkatha chief Gatsha Buthelezi, the disappearance of a key witness; 7:07 - LAWYER SLAIN, Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) lawyer and ANC member Bheki Lamge killed by a bomb placed in a cassette player: includes an interview of Human Rights Watch director Aryeh Neier, discusses death squads, assassinations, the CCB (Civil Cooperation Bureau); 8:25-FRONTLINE MOZAMBIQUE: includes interviews of Fernando Lima of the Mozambican New Agency and Human Rights Watch director Aryeh Neier, discusses Renamo, detainees, Africa Watch, Jonas Savimbi, UNITA, Soldier of Fortune magazine, kidnappings; 10:41 - NEW REFORMS: discusses the Population Registration Act, race classification experts; 11:13 - IMAGE CAMPAIGN: includes video of an advertisement, discusses a government public relations campaign to win support for its reform program called Let's Put Peace First; 12:36 - SHELL OIL: includes video of New Jersey Governor Jim Florio talking at United Automobile Workers (UAW) union, discusses the New Jersey Turnpike, service stations; 13:21 - IN DEPTH ANTI-APARTHEID ACTIVISTS: filmmaker  Amie Williams profiles young leaders, includes an excerpt of planned film NANA produced by Amie Williams, includes interviews of activist Lama Khosi Kunene, graphic artist Kamau Ayubbi, activist Jesse Kupers and activist Sarina Kim, discusses the young, the Los Angeles Student Coalition, Malcolm X; 19:49 - CULTURE AFRO-CENTRICITY narrated by Marsha McBroom:  includes video of Jesse Jackson, includes interviews of Byll Lester and Neil Simon of Kinapps, Inc., Sikhulu Shange of Sikhulu Record Shack, South African theater promoter Duma Ndlovu, Harlem activist Elombe Brath, journalist Geri Augusto, African Connection editor Nii Amoo Codjoe and music promoter Lisa Williamson

Used by permission of Globalvision