South Africa Now - Show #N613

by Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
January 23, 1991
Duration: 28:49
Type: TV broadcast
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Iraq
Language: English
1:00 - This week South Africa Now reports these stories; 2:14 - The uncensored news with Mweli Mzizi and Fana Kekana; 2:21 - War in the Gulf, report from Phillip Tomlinson: South Africa pledges its support in the Gulf War,  interviews of South African Foreign Minister Roelof "Pik" Botha by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and Mark Gevisser of the Weekly Mail, discusses fire from South African G-5 artillery guns, Saddam Hussein, Armscor, Herman Cohen, oil, the African National Congress (ANC), the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), AZAPO; 7:02 - Mandela-Buthelezi meeting: discusses Nelson Mandela, Inkatha leader Chief Gatsha Buthelezi, violence, Natal, the black townships of Johannesburg, deaths; 7:37-report from Independent Television News in Britain: interview of James Dywili, discusses Takoza Township; 9:34 - Township Violence, report by Emily Kasriel: interview with Blessing Cebisa of the Phola Park ANC Youth League, discusses adequate police protection, the Sebokeng massacre, funerals, the South African Police (SAP), the South African Defence Force (SADF); 11:14 - Frontline Focus by Joseph Diescho: interviews with Gwen Lister and Max du Preez, Editor, Vrye Weekblad, a target of assassination, discussed the Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB), Donald Acheson, poisoning, Namibian lawyer Anton Lubowski, SWAPO, death threats, Father Michael Lapsley, the Harms Commission, the Weekly Mail, hit squads; 14:48 - In Depth reported by Nadja Smith: interview of Adam Hochschild author of The Mirror at Midnight, discusses segregation, economic inequalities, shantytowns, KwaZulu, Neil Aggott, lack of racial hatred in the black community, the security police, Soweto; 12:20 - Culture Market Theater: interviews with Barney Simon, Art Director, Market Theatre, Athol Fugard, Ian Steadman of the University of Witwatersrand and Percy Mtwa, video of Bruce Cassidy, Barney Rochabane and Pieter Dirk Uys 

Used by permission of Globalvision