South Africa Now - Show #N604

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
November 21, 1990
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 28:48
0:17 - JUNGLE BROTHERS rap group; 0:50 - This week South Africa Now reports these stories; 2:00 - The uncensored news with Thandeka Gqubule and Phillip Tomlinson; 2:04 - Slavery: includes a phone interview of Weekly Mail editor Anton Harber, discusses The Sowetan newspaper, refugees fleeing the war in Mozambique, farm laborers, concubines, attacks by Renamo rebels; 3:01 - NEWSLINE BOP PROTEST: includes an interview of Modise Molefe, reports a black South African has been executed for the first time in a year despite the decision to suspend capital punishment, discusses Bophuthatswana, execution, the Sun City resort, a crackdown on the ANC (African National Congress), homeland president Lucas Mangope, apartheid, the international community; 4:19 - NEWSLINE HIT SQUAD reported by Nadja Smith: includes interviews of former police hit squad commander Dirk Coetzee, Adotei Akwei of the American Committee on Africa (ACOA) and Columbia University Associate Professor of Law Stephan Ellmann, discusses state-run murder squads, the Harms Commission, assassinations, the Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB), the security arm of the state, the South African Defence Force (SADF), Amnesty International, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Human Rights Commission, Anton Lubowski, F.W. de Klerk, political assassination, the law, rights; 8:13 - NEWSLINE EASTERN EUROPE CONNECTION: includes a phone interview of Miloslav Chrobok, discusses President Bush, Czechoslovakia, Václav Havel, Foreign Minister Pik Botha, the civil rights anthem We Shall Overcome, international sanctions, human rights; 9:24 - FRONTLINE FOCUS reported by Joseph Diescho: includes excerpts of a report by Namibia Broadcasting Corporation with an interview of Samson Ndeikwila, discusses the Frontline States, Zambian police, teargas, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, a court, unlawful assembly charges, churches in Namibia, apartheid, reconciliation; 10:39-NEWSLINE TOURISM ON ROBBEN ISLAND: discusses Nelson Mandela's cell, hotel suites, prison; 11:04-QUESTION OF THE WEEK: discusses South African townships, electricity; 11:29 - COVERING THE COVERAGE: includes excerpts of ABC World News Tonight with an interview of The Sowetan Deputy Editor Thami Mazwai, political analyst Robert Shrire, political analyst Oscar Dhlomo and journalist Allister Sparks, includes an excerpt of The MacNeil/Lehrar News Hour interview of Nelson Mandela, includes excerpts of an interview of Nelson Mandela on The Koppel Report, discusses ABC’s World News Tonight, Nelson Mandela, Peter Jennings, foreign trips, racial oppression, internal mass struggle, international pressure, violence, school, township violence, political prisoners, Inkatha, Colonel Gaddafi, Jews; 20:46 - CULTURE ZIMBABWE MUSIC: includes excepts of the music video "Jit Jive" by the Bhundu Boys

Used by permission of Globalvision