South Africa Now - Show #309

by Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
Undated, July 5, 1989?
Duration: 26:11
Type: TV broadcast
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Southern Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
0:06 - Buster Poindexter; 0:36 – This week South Africa Now presents these stories; 1:56 -  Hosts Fana Kekana and Carolyn Carven; 1:58 - Student Leader Released: interview with Peter Mokaba, President, South African Youth Congress (SAYCO), discusses detention without trial, terrorism, the Internal Security Act, student protests, extra-parliamentary organizations; 3:18 - African News, a report on the video unit of the African National Congress (ANC) in Zambia and Africa News in Durham, North Carolina reported by Jay Weiss: interviews with Stanley Ndlovu of the ANC Video Unit, Reed Kramer of Africa News, Tami Hultman of Africa News, Berty Howard; 8:18 - Investigative report on South African lobbying by Eric Nadler:  video of Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Dan Quail, discuses John Sears, Peter Teeley, the International Gold Corporation of South Africa, Stuart Spencer, anti-apartheid activists, TransAfrica, the Bishop Tutu Refugee Fund, Joseph Lowery, North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, Tom Bolan, the New York Post, William Buckley, Jr., sanctions, John McGoff, PANAX, the Washington Star, the Sacramento Union,  Ed Meese, William Keyes, interviews with Sanford Ungar, Gay McDougal, Allister Sparks , Roy Innes of the Congress of Racial Equality, and Robert Dumas of the U.S. Catholic Conference; 16:12 – Culture, Amnesty International Concert in Harare reported by Mweli Mzizi: discusses the Reebok Human Rights Foundation, apartheid, Stephen Biko, Nelson Mandela, the Sharpeville Six, video of Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, STING, Tracy Chapman, Clarence Clemons of E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen

Used by permission of Globalvision