South Africa Now - Show #N710

by Danny Schechter (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
Undated, apparently April 3, 1991
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 00:28:48
Type: TV broadcast
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
0:32 - From 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem; 1:05 - This week South Africa Now reports these stories; 2:33 - The uncensored news with Thandeka Gqubule and Fana Kekana; 2:39-As funding falls off South Africa Now is counting down its last programs; 3:01 - NEWSLEINE VIOLENCE UPDATE: discusses a massacre, an assassination, deaths, political violence, policemen; 3:19 - NEWSLINE MEETING: discusses a meeting between Nelson Mandela of the ANC (African National Congress) and Chief Gatsha Buthelezi of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), President F.W. de Klerk; 3:44 - NEWSLINE VIOLENCE UPDATE: includes a South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) television report on Alexandra shootings reported by Anton Enus including an interview of ANC Military Chief Chris Hani, discusses Daveyton township, a police attack, Swazi mourners, an all-night vigil, an unrest victim, a gang of gun men,  gunfire, automatic weapons; 5:25 - NEWSLINE UNREST CONTINUES:  discusses the Times of Zambia, Ronnie Kasrils, partial indemnity; 6:58 - NEWSLINE UNREST CONTINUES: includes an interview of Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) General Secretary Benny Alexander by Yvette Tomlinson, discusses ANC, Inaktha, political consciousness, class consciousness, South African forces, civilians, Daveyton township, the international community, Alexandra township, community issues; 7:15 - NEWSLINE SANCTIONS reported by Nadja Smith: includes an excerpt from the music video Sun City, includes an interview of Adotei Akwei of the American Committee on Africa, discusses the release of political prisoners, President Bush, nongovernmental sanctions, the Olympic Games, the international sports boycott, the International Olympic Committee, Bophuthatswana, apartheid, the cultural boycott, F.W. de Klerk, TransAfrica, grassroots groups; 9:20 - NEWSLINE Winnie Mandela reported by Phillip Tomlinson: includes a phone report by South African Now correspondent Kenneth Dan, discusses the trial of Winnie Mandela, charges of kidnapping, the Rand Supreme Court, a co-defendant, threatened by police, electric shocks, testifying, a lack of evidence, Gay organizations protesting Winnie Mandela's lawyer: discusses homosexual abuse, :a white minister, Southscan, the media, the ANC; 10:59 - FRONTLINE FOCUS reported by Joseph Diescho: includes excerpts of the film SAAMSTAAN - Houses For All directed by Richard Pakleppa, discusses the government of Mozambique, the war with the Renamo rebel army, UNITA, the National Bank, hostage, a multi-party system, peace, the CIA, the National Assembly, the deep water port Walvis Bay, homelessness, squatter camps, community activists; 15:51 - COVERING THE COVERAGE: includes an excerpt of the film Mandela in America, discusses the Globalvision documentary Mandela in America, PBS, violence, the Winnie Mandela trial, Detroit, Owen Bieber, the United Auto Workers (UMW), Ford Motor Company, Nelson Mandela, Frank Joyce, Shelton Tappes, the Freedom Choir, Aretha Franklin, Montgomery Bus Boycott activist Rosa Parks, race relations, human rights, racism, Sylvia Hill; 22:52 - CULTURE AFRICAN ARTS FUND: includes interviews of Hugh Masekela, Dawn Zain, Themba Mhambi, Wendy Newstadt and Rudzani Nemasetoni, discusses training and educational opportunities in the United States, Dumile Feni, apartheid, democracy, political alternatives; 26:11 - Thank you for watching South Africa Now: includes an interview of anti-apartheid activist Archie Singham, discusses three shows left, major funders, the 1991 George Polk Award, broadcast journalism, Brooklyn College, African liberation, the struggle for liberation

Used by permission of Globalvision.