South Africa Now - Show #108

by Rory O'Connor (Executive Producer), Globalvision
New York, New York, United States
Undated, about November 20, 1988
Publisher: Globalvision
Duration: 25:41

0:06 - Richard Pryor; 0:37 - South Africa Now this week reporting these stories; 1:37 - All of these stories on South Africa Now with hosts Fana Kekana and Carolyn Craven; 1:46 - Namibia: interviews of Theo-Ben Gurirab of SWAPO and Michael Clough of the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses independence, Cuban troops, UNITA, President-elect Bush, Jonas Savimbi; 6:00 - Treason Trial: discusses the Delmas Treason Trail, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, convicted, death sentence; 6:22 - Fire Bombing: discusses anti-apartheid organizations; 6:47 - A New Voice in the Press: discusses Vrye Weekblad; 7:01 - Nelson Mandela; 7:19 - Voices of Southern Africa: interview of Little Steven of Artists United Against Apartheid; 7:43 - Suffer the Children: includes excerpts of Sharon Sopher’s Witness to Apartheid, the CBS film Children of Apartheid, the BBC film Suffer The Children and the South African government film The Other Side Of The Picture, interview of Nicholas Claxton, discusses detention, torture, propaganda, arson, parents, violence, the South African Police (SAP); 15:08 - Culture, The Shaka Zulu debate reported by Mweli Mzizi: excerpts from the television series Shaka Zulu curtsey of Fox Television, interviews of Ron Wilkins of Unity in Action, Ambassador Victor Gbeho of the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid and UCLA African Studies Professor Masisi Kunene, voice interview of William C. Faure, discusses the cultural boycott, South African funding, violence, nudity, Harmony Gold, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Turner Broadcasting [Note: The correct spelling of the name is Mazisi Kunene. ]

Used by permission of Globalvision