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American Committee on Africa

Alternate Names: Americans for South African Resistance, Africa Action

Location: New York, New York, United States

Duration: 1953-2001 (Americans for South African Resistance (1952-1953)

Newsletter(s): ACOA Action News,ACOA NOTES,Africa-U.N. Bulletin,Bulletin: Americans for South African Resistance,Public Investment and South Africa Newsletter,Religious Action Network News,South Africa Bulletin,South African Freedom Call,Student Anti-Apartheid Newsletter,Washington Notes on Africa (ACOA)

The American Committee on Africa (ACOA) was founded in 1953 to support the liberation struggle in Africa. It was a national organization supporting African struggles against colonialism and apartheid. ACOA grew out of the ad hoc Americans for South African Resistance (AFSAR) which was formed to support the Campaign of Defiance Against Unjust Laws...
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