Witness for South Africa

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Alternate Names: W.I.T.N.E.S.S. for South Africa, WITNESS for South Africa
Duration: Unknown, about 1981 - Unknown, apparently existed in 1989
Location: Oakland, California, United States

The Working Interfaith Taskforce for New Expressions of Social Service (WITNESS) for South Africa was established by Stop Banking on Apartheid. WITNESS for South Africa was an anti-apartheid organization. WITNESS for South Africa supported dockworkers in San Francisco who have refused to unload cargo from a South African ship. WITNESS for South Africa supported the boycott of Shell Oil. The staff people of WITNESS for South Africa were Miloanne Hecathorn and Rosemarie Bolte. (Source: WITNESS for South Africa and Stop Banking on Apartheid documents on this website; December 1984 Monthly Report Southern Africa Program, American Friends Service Committee, about January 1985, available on this website; and "RESOLUTION ON 10 U.S. CORPORATIONS KEY TO APARTHEID" "Resolution on Shell Oil Boycott", Northern California Ecumenical Council, March 20, 1986, available on this website.)