United Nations Council for Namibia

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Alternate Names: United Nations Council on South West Africa
Duration: 1967 - 1990
Location: New York, United Nations

In 1966 the United Nations terminated South Africa's mandate over Namibia. In 1967 the United Nations Council on South West Africa was set up to be the legal de jure administrator of Namibia until independence. In 1968 the Council was renamed the United Nations Council for Namibia. South Africa continued its illegal occupation of Namibia and the Council never established de facto control of Namibia. The signing of an agreement between South Africa and other countries in December 1988 led to the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 435 (UNSCR 435) beginning on April 1, 1989. UN Special Representative Martti Ahtisaari arrived in Windhoek in April 1989 to head the UN Transition Assistance Group's (UNTAG) to oversee the election that let to Namibian independence. (Source: various item on this website; and other sources.)