Student and Community Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism

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Alternate Names: Free South Africa Coalition
Duration: September 1985 - Unknown, existed in June 1987 and most likely lasted longer
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana, United States

The Free South Africa Coalition was formed at Purdue University in September 1985. In April 1986 it was reorganized to incorporate wider groups and renamed the Student and Community Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism (SCCAAR). SCCAAR was a student group at Purdue University that campaigned to get the university to divest from companies doing business in South Africa. SCCAR educated follow students, faculty, staff and the administration of Purdue and the community at large and to make them aware of the strife in South Africa. (Source: Bryan L. Adamson, a former member of SCCAAR and Testimony of Bryan Adamson of SCCAAR to the Special Committee Against Apartheid in United States Student Movement Against Apartheid, Hearings at United Nations Headquarters, 27 June 1986 Notes and Documents 10/86, United Nations Centre Against Apartheid, September 1986 available on this website.)