Stop the Apartheid Rugby Tour

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Duration: 1981
Location: New York, New York, United States

Stop the Apartheid Rugby Tour (SART) coalition was formed to oppose the September 1981 visit of the United States of the Springboks, the South African national rugby team. SART was a national coalition of over 100 civil rights, anti-apartheid, political, religious and sports groups chaired by American Committee on Africa president William H. Booth. SART had active chapters in Albany, Chicago, Rochester and possibly other cities. The SART protests against the Springboks were part of the sports boycott of apartheid South Africa. As a result of protests organized by SART, matches in New York City, Rochester, NY and Chicago, IL were cancelled. The Rochester and Chicago matches were moved to secret locations. On September 22, two thousand demonstrators gathered outside Bleecker Stadium in the pouring rain to protest to protest the Springbok's presence in Albany. (Source: SART documents on this website and ACOA Action News, No. 11, Winter 1981.)