Stichting Omroep voor Radio Freedom

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Alternate Names: Omroep voor Radio Freedom
Duration: 1982 - 1996
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Omroep voor Radio Freedom (Broadcasting for Radio Freedom) originated from a campaign of the Anti-Apartheids Beweging Nederland (Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement) to raise support for the underground radio of the African National Congress (ANC) on the occasion of its 70th anniversary in 1982. At the end of 1982 a group of people working with the broadcasting organizations in Hilversum (the Dutch radio and television town) formed an "initiative group" Broadcasting for Radio Freedom to organize support for Radio Freedom in close cooperation with Anti-Apartheids Beweging Nederland. In 1987 the group transformed itself into an independent foundation called Stichting Omroep voor Radio Freedom. The organization had its office in Amsterdam and ceased to exist in 1996. Its activities included of the financing and installing of studio equipment for five Radio Freedom studio's in various African countries and the training of Radio Freedom workers on the spot or in Hilversum throughout the 1980s. Besides, it organized public campaigns – mostly through the broadcasting organizations – to inform the Dutch public about Radio Freedom the liberation struggle in Southern Africa, media censorship in South Africa and related issues. From 1989 it campaigned for a transmitter for Radio Freedom, organized the Jabulani conference on the future of the media in a democratic South Africa in 1991 and supported the establishment of a "Radio Freedom Institute" in Johannesburg in 1995. (Source: Kier Schuringa of the International Institute of Social History and items on this website.)