Southern Africa Support Committee (Iowa City)

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Duration: March 1973 - Unknown
Location: Iowa City, Iowa, United States

The Southern Africa Support Committee of Iowa City was an anti-imperialist organization whose purpose was to publicize the brutal realities of the exploitation to which Africans are being  subjected by capitalist countries, to call on progressive people to organize a united front against imperialism, and also serve the African liberation movements in any other way possible. The Southern Africa Support Committee sponsored an African dinner on November 18, 1973 to celebrate the new Republic of Guinea-Bissau that was addressed by Sharfudine Khan, representative of FRELIMO of Mozambique in the U.S. The Southern Africa Support Committee initiated other actions in Iowa City including film showings, lobbying on Congressional items related to Africa, a Gulf Boycott activities because of Gulf Oil’s exploitation of oil in Angola, and organizing local classes on southern Africa. (Source: Southern Africa Support Committee leaflet on this website; and Southern Africa magazine, February 1974, available on this website, see Newsletters)