Southern Africa Medical Aid Fund

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Duration: Unknown, late 1980s, 1987 - Unknown, 1989 or early 1990s
Location: Oakland, California, United States

The Southern Africa Medical Aid Fund (SAMAF) was an anti-apartheid organization. SAMAF provided medical supplies to the African National Congress (ANC) and SWAPO clinics in Zambia.  SAMAF provided money to Sisters of Mercy in South Africa for their work in the Winterveldt squatter camp in South Africa. (Source: Jeffrey Ritterman, a former member of SAMAF; [Dear Friend of Justice in Southern Africa], Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, April 24, 1989, available on this website; and Mozambique: Update from the Frontline of the Struggle against Apartheid, Mozambique Support Network, August 1989, available on this website.)