Southern Africa Action Group

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Alternate Names: South Africa Action Group
Duration: Unknown, existed in 1978 - Unknown, existed in 1991
Location: Middletown, Connecticut, United States

The Southern Africa Action Group (SAAG) was a student group at Wesleyan University that campaigned to get the university to divest from companies doing business in South Africa. Apparently originally the organization was called the South Africa Action Group. SAAG worked in coalition with other student groups. Members of SAAG were important member of Divest Now, a coalition of student groups at Wesleyan University. The broad coalition finally achieved full divestment. While focused on South Africa, SAAG had discussions about Namibia, Mozambique and Angola, and saw some continuity in destructiveness of U.S. policy. (Source: Amy Randall and Mathew Reed, former members of SAAG; "SAAG stages rally, conducts sit-in, and erects shanties in protest" by Joe Del Regino, The Wesleyan Argus, October 14m 1986; "Shanties destroyed early Sunday; rebuilt on Monday by SAAG" by Douglas Herbert; The Wesleyan Argus, November 11, 1986; "Trustees to meet during weekend, students plan rally for divestment" by Douglas Herbert, The Wesleyan Argus, November 21, 1986; "WSA protest draws low student turnout" by Michael Cardin, The Wesleyan Argus, November 25, 1986; and material on this website including photographs of the May 9, 1978 Special Committee Against Apartheid and Student and Youth Action News, Spring 1988, The Africa Fund)