South African Military Refugee Aid Fund

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Duration: 1978-1988
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Newsletter: SAMRAF news + notes

The South African Military Refugee Aid Fund (SAMRAF) was formed in the late 1970s. One of the key players was Mike Morgan, a native of South Africa, who moved to the United States in September 1978. SAMRAF was a political organization made up of white South African military resisters, political exiles and American supporters. SAMRAF's goal was to contribute toward the creation of an independent South Africa, free from white supremacy and foreign exploitation. To do this SAMRAF encouraged resistance within the almost all-white South African army, in order to weaken its deadly effect and to help create a pro-liberation sentiment within certain sectors of the white community, particularly draftees. They believed this provided concrete support to the liberation movements in Namibia and South Africa. SAMRAF's program included producing and distributing propaganda which encouraged resistance to apartheid military service; providing services for genuine South African war resisters who flee South Africa and arrive in the U.S., especially those seeking political asylum; initiating actions, such as campaigns and demonstrations, which will send signals of SAMRAF's call for resistance into South Africa and make SAMRAF's presence known to those considering alternatives; and contributing towards involving women in war resistance work. The organization published SAMRAF news+notes. SAMRAF had contacts in Brooklyn, New York; San Francisco, Calfornia; and Chicago, Illinois. (Source: various SAMRAF publications, Mike Morgan and Smokebox)