South African Concerns Committee

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Duration: January 1985 - Unknown, existed in 1987
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

The South African Concerns Committee (SACC) was a student group at Reed College formed in January 1985. SACC campaigned to get the Reed College to divest from companies doing business in South Africa. In January 1986 some 100 students occupied Eliot Hall, the principle administration building, for five days. SACC raised consciousness, involvement and action against apartheid. In 1987 SACC organized an occupation of the Reed College development office and about ten of students were expelled; later that year Reed College changed the expulsions to suspensions and the students were readmitted. (Source: Testimony of Christopher Phelps of SACC to the Special Committee Against Apartheid in United States Student Movement Against Apartheid, Hearings at United Nations Headquarters, 27 June 1986 Notes and Documents 10/86, United Nations Centre Against Apartheid, September 1986; and various e-mail from Christopher Phelps in 2010.)