Rochester Committee for Justice in Southern Africa

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Duration: 1982 - early 1990s
Location: Rochester, New York, United States
Newsletter: Time Running Out

The Rochester Committee for Justice in Southern Africa (RCJSA), a project of Genesee Ecumenical Ministries (GEM, see separate entry), was a church-oriented citizens group working to end apartheid in South Africa, was organized in 1982. RCJSA grew out of earlier GEM activity including an attempt to organize a delegation to South Africa. RCJSA worked in support of the successful effort to get the city of Rochester to divestment from companies doing business in South Africa and not to put money in banks making loans to South Africa. RCJSA also worked on the unsuccessful effort to get the state of New York to divest from companies doing business in South Africa. RCJSA campaigned to get Eastman Kodak, which was based in Rochester, to withdraw from South Africa. RCJSA was a member of the Rochester Anti-Apartheid Coalition. Reverend Richard Gilbert, minister at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, was on the RCJSA's steering committee and editor of the newsletter Time Running Out. Reverend Gilbert, representing the Unitarian Universalist Association, spoke at the May 1980 annual meeting of Eastman Kodak in favor of a shareholder resolution that, if passed, would have terminated the Kodak's involvement in South Africa until the end of apartheid. Note: copies of the newsletter Time Running Out may be available in the Emory University Library. (Source: Reverend Gilbert and Ecumenical and Interfaith Archives of Rochester, a project of the Greater Rochester Community of Churches [previously named Genesee Ecumenical Ministries].)