People for Southern African Freedom

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Duration: June 1977 - Unknown, existed in 1981
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States

People for Southern Africa Freedom (PFSAF) was local group formed in June 1977 to support the freedom forces in Southern Africa, Important objectives were exposing the roles the U.S. government and multinational corporations play in propping up the apartheid regimes, and pressuring them to get out of Southern Africa. PFSAF was an affiliate of the Campaign to Oppose Bank Loans to South Africa in 1979 and possibly earlier. In 1981 was involved in a campaign against U.S. BanCorporation in Eugene, a member of the Private Funding Export Corporation (PEFCO) because of PEFCO's loans to South Africa. (Source: Roger Walke and Bob Guldin, former members of PFSAF; PFSAF documents on the website; Campaign for Southern Africa Freedom documents; Anti-Apartheid Organizing On Campus... …And Beyond, South Africa Catalyst Project, 1978, available on this website; Report on the Research and Organizing work of the America Friends Service Committee Southern Africa Program by Elizabeth Ussher Groff, American Committee on Africa, 1982, available on this website; and Dear COBLSA Affiliates and friends by Carole Collins, Campaign to Oppose Bank Loans to South Africa, July 1m 1981, available on this website.)