PAIGC-USA Support Committee

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Duration: 1972-uknown, late 1970s
Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States

The purpose of the PAIGC-USA Support Committee was to organize and mobilize Cape Verdeans in the United States to help support the PAIGC, the liberation movement Cape Verde. The PAIGC was struggling against Portuguese colonialism. PAIGC-USA Support Committee also informing all African people in the U.S. to become involved in supporting the struggle against Portuguese colonialism in Africa. The PAIGC-USA Support Committee was established by Salah Matteos, a Cape Verdean American, following a trip to Guinea Conakry and meets with PAIGC leadership.(Source: An Interview with Salahudin Omowale Matteos, Ufahamu, Volume III, Number 3, Winter 1973 page 43-48 in special issue "In Memoriam Amilcar Cabral, 1925-1973" on the No Easy Victories website; and Chronological References: Cabo Verde / Cape Verdean American by Raymond A. Almeida)