Northeast Ohio Anti-Apartheid Committee

Alternate Names: Northeast Ohio Anti-Apartheid Campaign
Duration: Unknown, existed in 1985 - Unknown, existed in February 1993
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

The Northeast Ohio Anti-Apartheid Committee had as co-chairs Ione M. Biggs and Terri Harris. (The name of the group sometimes ended in "Campaign" rather than "Committee.") (Source: Various, including October 10 National Protest Day to Target South African Investment, American Committee on Africa, September 29, 1985, available on this website; Mozambique Support Network Newsletter, February 1991 issue, available on this website; The Militant, February 7, 1986 and February 14, 1986 issues, not available on this website; Nelson Mandela's release celebrated by joyous Cleveland crowd (republished); and Ohio Women's Hall of Fame Ione M Biggs.)