Minnesota Anti-Apartheid Legislative Coalition

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Duration: Unknown, possibly 1981, existed in January 1982 - Unknown, existed in 1985
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

The Minnesota Anti-Apartheid Legislative Coalition (MAALC) campaigned in support of bills in the state legislature that would prohibit future investment of public money in banks or corporations doing business in South African and Namibia. MAALC was an umbrella organization that includes trade unionists, church representatives, community activists and students. It also includes legislators like Senator Allan Spear, Karen Clark and Randy Staten. The Twin Cities Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa worked with MAALC. (Source: MAALC material on this website; and Public investment and South Africa Newsletter, January 1982, American Committee on Africa, available on this website) [Note: the Public investment and South Africa Newsletter uses the name Minnesota Anti-Apartheid Legislative Support Coalition.]