Maritime Unions Against Apartheid

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Duration: 1984- Unknown
Location: Australia, Denmark, United Kingdom

Maritime Unions Against Apartheid (MUAA) was formed in February 1984 by the Danish Seaman's Union, the Seaman's Union of Australia and two British unions the National Union of Seamen and the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU), in cooperation with the Shipping Research Bureau. The unions represented both seafarers and dockworkers. MUAA's goal was to support the implementation of the United Nations resolutions on oil and arms embargoes against apartheid South Africa. MUAA's objectives were to involve seafarers in the oil embargo, to force owners to refrain from shipping oil to South Africa, to take action against companies which violated the embargo and to press for national legislation prohibiting all transport to South Africa. MUAA organized the International Conference of Maritime Trade Unions on the Implementation of the United Nations Oil Embargo Against South Africa in cooperation with the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid held in London, October 30-31, 1985. (Source: "Maritime Unions Against Apartheid" by Henrik Berlau in Embargo: Apartheid's Oil Secrets Revealed, Amsterdam University Press, 1995 )