Maine Peace Action Committee

Duration: 1974 - current (South Africa work late 1970s - mid-1980s)
Location: Orono, Maine, United States

The Maine Peace Action Committee (MPAC), an organization at the University of Maine, was founded in 1974 with the specific focus of ending the War in Vietnam. Since then, our group has engaged in a wide variety of campaigns and actions, including a successful campaign to get the University of Maine to divest its holdings in the Apartheid South African government, the exposure of CIA recruiters on campus, and the opposition to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In July 1982 the Trustees voted to divest from companies doing business in South Africa. Some anti-apartheid work continued after the University of Maine voted to divest. (Source: MPAC website; "Apartheid system unfair to blacks" by Colin Strainge, The Maine Campus, March 1, 1984; Student Anti-Apartheid Newsletter, October 1982, American Committee on Africa, available on this website; Student and Youth Action News, Spring 1988, The Africa Fund, available on this website)