MIT Coalition Against Apartheid

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Duration: Unknown, apparently 1985 - Unknown, 1991
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

The MIT Coalition Against Apartheid (MIT CAA) was a group of students, faculty and staff at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who worked in support of the liberation struggle of the Black majority in South Africa.  MIT CAA campaigned for MIT to divest from its holdings of stocks doing business in South Africa. (Source: Lawrence Kolodney, a former member; documents and photographs on this website; and articles including: "MIT group fights Apartheid" by Michael J. Garrison, The Tech, April 25, 1985; "Students rally against apartheid", Letter to the Editor by Gretchen Ritter, The Tech, April 30, 1985; "Protesters Build Shantytown at MIT Calling on Governing Body to Divest", The Harvard Crimson, March 4, 1986; "New Trust Fund Aims To Pressure MIT South African Divestment", Associated Press, May 16, 1986; and "60 STUDENTS PROTEST MIT'S INVESTMENT IN S. AFRICA, DEMAND END TO APARTHEID" by Diane E. Lewis, The Boston Globe, May 5, 1990)