Liberation Support Movement

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Duration: 1969 - 1982
Location: Oakland, California, United States
Newsletter: LSM NEWS

The Liberation Support Movement (LSM) was founded in Vancouver 1969 and had branches in Oakland, California and New York City. LSM was an anti-imperialist organization that supported liberation movements in Southern Africa, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Eritrea, Oman, and Palestine. At its peak, LSM had a core of a few dozen fully dedicated activists with a much wider support network. Some of the major activities and accomplishments were 1) Conducted information tours with hundreds of presentations across North America during the 1970's; 2) Organized public education and pressure campaigns against Gulf Oil and Alcan of Canada because of these corporations’ projects in Angola and Mozambique; 3) Organized and sent numerous shipments with tons of medical supplies and clothing to the MPLA of Angola; 4) Sent several teams of journalists to southern Africa to coordinate support, record interviews and life histories, record music and provide basis for ongoing education work; 5) Produced and distributed series of autobiographies titled "Life Histories from the Revolution" with first-person accounts from Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya; 6) Produced original LP records: Angola: A Vitoria e Certa (Paredon Records) and Africa in Revolutionary Music (LSM Records); 7) Recorded and published numerous extended interviews and analyses by liberation movement leaders; 8) Distributed literature, posters and music throughout the world via mail order and local bookstores; 9) Trained two SWAPO members in printshop skills;10) Produced and printed numerous posters including the iconic image of Mandela by Oakland artist Rupert Garcia; and 11) Wrote and produced quarterly publication LSM News featuring theoretical analysis and debate. LSM was founded by Don Barnett, an American anthropologist who taught at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Barnett died of a heart attack at age 45 in 1975. The organization consolidated in Oakland in 1976 and was active until disbanding in 1982. (Source Rick Sterling, Candice Wright and other former members of LSM, and LSM pamphlets.)