IBM Black Workers Alliance

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Duration: August 1970 - Unknown, apparently existed in 1976
Location: Washington, DC, United States

IBM Black Workers Alliance (BWA) was formed in 1970. The principle reason for the existence of IBM Black Workers Alliance was to see that Black IBM employees got better promotional and career development opportunities within the corporation; to help Blacks receive equitable compensation for the job they did; to assist newly hired Blacks to adjust and "learn the ropes" within the company; to serve as a "watchdog" over the Equal Opportunities Program Office which almost had exercised no real clout or any authority to change anything; and to improve upon IBM's service to the Black inner city communities. BWA had a South Africa Committee involved in anti-apartheid activities. (Source: Statement by Statement by Kwame Kwasi Afoh (Edell Lydia, Jr.) at the Hearing on The Anti-Apartheid Selective Purchasing Resolution Before The Council of the District of Columbia, January 20, 1976, available on this website.)