Haslemere Group

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Duration: 1968 - Unknown, existed in late 1977
Location: United Kingdom

The Haslemere Group was formed in 1968 to discuss the social and economic crisis facing the developing countries, the failure of the rich industrialized countries such as Britain to recognize their responsibility for the crisis, and the urgent need to draw effective public attention to those issues. Members of the Haslemere Group researched and published information on Barclays Bank's operation in apartheid South Africa. The Haslemere Group researched and published information on the supply of oil to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and the role of oil companies including Mobil Oil, Caltex, Shell and British Petroleum (BP). In 1977 the Haslemere Group, Namibian Support Committee, the Anti-Apartheid Movement initiated the Campaign Against Namibian Uranium Contracts. (Source: Haslemere Group documents on and other material this website; Chronology of events concerning oil sanctions-busting, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, about Fall 1977 available on this website; and BARCLAYS AND SOUTH AFRICA by Martin Bailey, a joint Haslemere Group/Anti-Apartheid Movement publication, November 1975.)