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Alternate Names: Halt All Racist Tours: The New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement, HART Aotearoa, The New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement
Duration: 1969 - 1992
Location: New Zealand

The Halt All Racist Tours movement (HART) was formed in 1969 to oppose the 1970 tour of South Africa by the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Backs. HART became New Zealand's main anti-apartheid organization. Initially the primary focus of the organization was the sports boycott of South Africa. It worked to end all sporting ties between New Zealand and South Africa. Protests against the 1981 tour of New Zealand by the South Africa's rugby team, the Springboks, resulted in massive protests across the country. Although the protests failed to stop the tour, no more ruby matches took place between the two teams until after the end of apartheid. Best known for its opposition to sporting contacts with South Africa, HART also campaigned against all contacts with apartheid South Africa. In 1980 HART merged with the National Anti-Apartheid Committee, becoming HART: the New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement. HART:NZAAM opposed all contact with apartheid South Africa, advocating the political, economic, social and cultural isolation of the regime. For more than 20 years it worked to raise public awareness of the realities of apartheid. Increasingly, especially in the 1980s, HART also took a stand against racism in New Zealand. Trevor Richards served as HART's chair (1969-1980) and HART:NZAAM's international secretary (1980-1985). (For more information see Dancing on Our Bones: New Zealand and South Africa, Rugby and Racism by Trevor Richards, [New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books, January 1999])

Organizational Archive

Title: Halt All Racist Tours: The New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement (HART: NZAAM)
Time Span: Mostly 1981-1992 (includes some earlier material)
Description: This collection contains the records of the Christchurch office of Halt All Racist Tours: The New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement, although there is a great deal of material from other centers including many copies of central office papers and correspondence. While most of our records originate from the post-merger period there are some records from the 1970s that were created by HART and The New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement when they were separate organizations. The original records of HART: NZAAM national office is deposited with the Alexander Turnball Library in Wellington. Includes the newsletter entitled 'Amandla.' The collection includes material from other organizations.
Housed At: Macmillan Brown Library, University of Canterbury
Location: Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8020, New Zealand
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Phone: +64 3 366 7001
Related Website: https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/library/libraries/macmillan-brown-library/

Organizational Archive

Title: HART Aotearoa records
Time Span: ca 1967 - 1993
Media: 73 boxes, 23.80 linear meters
Description: Contains general subject files including papers relating to campaigns, tours, conferences, relationship with other anti-apartheid groups, race relations, liberation movements and dealings with other organizations. Also includes organizational material including correspondence, minutes, correspondence with government, financial reports, publications, clippings and ephemera. Also contains copies, mock-ups and correspondence relating to the first three issues of HART Report produced by Dick Cuthbert in 1992. These reports contain clippings of articles and similar material relating to the situation in South Africa. One of the founders of HART was Trevor Richards, who served as chair (1969-1980) and international secretary (1980-1985). The papers of Trevor Richards are also in the National Library of New Zealand, Alexander Turnbull Library. Donated by HART Aotearoa, Auckland, 1986 (Acc 86-136), 1993 (Acc 93-042), 1994 (Acc 94-136), 1995 (Acc 95-021, 95-027). (Note on names: HART became Halt All Racist Tours: The New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement in 1980. Not clear when or if the name was officially changed to HART Aotearoa. Aotearoa is the indigenous (Maori) name for New Zealand.)
Housed At: National Library of New Zealand, Alexander Turnbull Library
Location: National Library Building, 70 Molesworth St, Wellington, New Zealand
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Phone: +64 (04) 474-3030
Related Website: http://www.natlib.govt.nz/

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