DC Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism

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Duration: 1983 - 1998
Location: Washington, DC, United States

The DC Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism (DC SCAR) came together during the upsurge of student anti-apartheid activism in 1983. DC SCAR's formation was prompted by anti-apartheid student organizers at Howard University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, John Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland at College Park. DC SCAR was a coalition of progressive and anti-apartheid organizations on these campuses in relation to their work in solidarity with South African freedom organizations and to coordinate campaigns for university divestment of corporations doing business in South Africa. DC SCAR on the campaign to get Maryland National Bank to stop making loans to South Africa. The organization published DC SCAR News. (Source: DC SCAR Foundations & South Africa: A Brief Sketch of Solidarity & Struggles by Doug Calvin, 1996, accessed May 18, 2010; and Summary Record of the 608th Meeting, Special Committee Against Apartheid, United Nations, A/AC.115/SR.608, September 16, 1987.)