Congregation for Reconciliation

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Duration: 1968 - current (Africa activity about 1971 - 1977)
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Newsletter: ITT Boycott Newsletter

The Congregation for Reconciliation in a Just Peace and Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ. In March 1971, the Congregation for Reconciliation established the Gulf-Angola Committee to coordinate a boycott of Gulf Oil Corporation because of the company’s activities in the Portuguese colony of Angola where there was an active struggle for independence. In July 1971 the Gulf-Angola Committee sponsored a workshop attended by groups from across the United States and changed its name to the Gulf Boycott Coalition (see organization). In 1976 the Congregation for Reconciliation initiated a boycott of International Telephone and Telegraph (IT&T) because of the company's involvement in South Africa. Related to the IT&T boycott the Congregation of Reconciliation established a South Africa Boycott Committee and an IT&T Boycott Committee. (Source: Richard Righter, a member of the Congregation for Reconciliation; and documents related to the Gulf Boycott Coalition and the IT&T boycott on this website.)