Colorado Coalition Against Apartheid

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Duration: Early 1980s - 1992
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

The Colorado Coalition Against Apartheid (CCAA) focused on passing a bill through the Colorado state legislature that would have resulted in the disinvestment of state funds in companies doing business in South Africa. Under the bill, if passed, no state funds would be invested in any bank with outstanding loans to South Africa or in any company doing business in or with Africa. CCAA worked with State Senator Wilma Webb in support of the legislation. Members of CCAA testified in favor of the measure. The bill was defeated on the floor on March 12, 1985. CCAA worked in support of a similar measure that was passed by the Denver City Council in 1986. CCAA also supported campaigns for divestment by churches particularly the United Church of Christ. CCAA supported Representative Pat Schroeder who was a very strong supporter of anti-apartheid measures in the U.S. House of Representatives. CCAA disbanded in 1992. (Source: George Shepherd, Venita Vinson, and Linda Mizell former members of CCAA; and various issues of the Public Investment and South Africa Newsletter including the May 14, 1985 edition, American Committee on Africa, available on this website.)