Coalition Against Apartheid and White Supremacy

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Duration: Unknown, apparently existed in the 1980s - about 1998
Location: Oberlin, Ohio, United States

The Coalition Against Apartheid and White Supremacy (CLAWS) was an anti-apartheid student organization at Oberlin College. CLAWS campaigned to get Oberlin College to divest from companies doing business in South Africa. During 1992-1996, CLAWS worked to provide information to the Oberlin community about the elections in South Africa and other issues in Southern Africa. In the 1990s, two student members of CLAWS approached Albert McQueen, an Oberlin College professor, with requests for information about Eduardo Mondlane and help in their efforts to establish a permanent c symbol of honor for this prominent heroic alumnus whom most Oberlinians had not even heard of. Mondlane graduated from Oberlin in 1953 and in 1962 became the first president of the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo). As a result of the work of the students and McQueen, after the students had graduated, in May 1998 a Mondlane Memorial Plaque was installed in Peters Hall and in October 1998 a Commemorative Conference: "The Independence Struggle and Rebuilding Mozambique: Honoring Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane" was held at Oberlin College. (Source: Albert J. McQueen and Krzysztof W. Grabarek who was a member of CLAWS and a student at Oberlin who graduated in 1995)