Chicago Coalition on Southern Africa

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Duration: 1977 or earlier - mid-1980s or later
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

The Chicago Coalition on Southern Africa is known to have existed as early as 1977 when it was involved in the campaign against banks making loans to South Africa. The organization was an affiliate of the Campaign to Oppose Banks Loans to South Africa in mid-1981. The organization also campaigned to close the South African Consulate in Chicago. The organization is also known to have done work on Zimbabwe and possibly on Namibia. Members of the Chicago Coalition on Southern Africa included: Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, 8th Day Center for Justice, Chicago Committee for African Liberation, Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy, Amilcar Cabral Study Group, Students Committee Against Racism, New World Resource Center, International People's Appeal, Illinois Prisoners Organization, Workers' World Party, and National Anti-Imperialist Movement in Solidarity with African Liberation. (Source: Chicago Coalition on Southern Africa documents on this website.)