Campaign Against Racial Exploitation

Duration: 1974 - 1995
Location: Australia

In 1973 the Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (CARE) was formed as the first national anti-apartheid and anti-racism network in Australia, at the suggestion of South African exile Neville Curtis, and formally launched in December 1974. CARE launched many campaigns, including those against South African company Rothmans, and Woolworths and Shell, and was prominent in sports boycotts. It established scholarships for South Africans and Namibians, and successfully lobbied for ANC and SWAPO offices. CARE was an umbrella body that included anti-apartheid bodies, Aboriginal land councils, unions, student and peace groups. CARE's first national office was in Canberra but by 1977 it moved to Sydney, then Adelaide and Perth. There were CARE branches in most states but it was most active in South Australia and Western Australia. It published a national newsletter. (Source: "The anti-apartheid movements in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand" by Peter Limb in International Solidarity and Support, Volume 1, South African Democracy Education Trust)

Organizational Archive

Title: Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (CARE)
Time Span: 1975 - 1993
Description: Material in this collection include: CARE Newsletters 1975 -1991; Viva (CARE anti-racist newsletter) 1991- 1993; UN Centre Against Apartheid: Republic of South Africa Day; Press treatment of events in South Africa, November 1981, prepared by the Convenor of the Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (CARE); Namibia Independence and Beyond, Conference for the Asia-Pacific Region, Melbourne, Australia, May 6 - 7, 1989, organized by CARE and ANSA; Handouts and leaflets. This is a partial collection and more material exists in personal collections in Australia.
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Organizational Archive

Title: Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (CARE) [publications & oral history]
Time Span: 1967?-1990
Description: Publications include: Liberate Southern Africa: a monthly survey of news and opinion published by CARE (1975-1976) and Black ban: Australian and racism in sport by Ian Scott, CARE (1977). There is also interview with Dwayne Peppin who discusses his involvement with CARE, see [Interview with Dwayne Peppin] [sound recording] / [interviewer : Stuart Reid]
Housed At: National Library of Australia
Location: Canberra, ACT 2600, Australia
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