Bostonians Allied for South African Resistance

Duration: 1952-1953
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Bostonians Allied for South African Resistance (BAFSAR) was formed in 1952 to support the Defiance Campaign Against Unjust Laws organized by the African National Congress in South Africa. BAFSAR affiliated itself with Americans for South African Resistance (AFSAR) based in New York, which later became the American Committee on Africa. BAFSAR sponsored public meetings, distributed and promoted literature (mostly supplied by AFSAR), and raised some funds. At one time in early 1953, BAFSAR raised about $700 that was sent to AFSAR to be sent on to South Africa. According to one report, BAFSAR had over 200 members, many from Harvard University and Radcliffe College. (Source: Two documents on this website "American Supporters of the Defiance Campaign," Presentation to the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid by George M. Houser, June 25, 1982; and No One Can Stop the Rain: Glimpses of Africa's Liberation Struggle by George M. Houser, The Pilgrim Press, 1989; two other sources: conversation with George M. Houser; and Boston Group Helps South African Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, The Harvard Crimson, April 9, 1953)

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Title: Bostonians Allied for South African Resistance (Bafsar)
Time Span: 1952 - 1953?
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