Baltimore Anti-Apartheid Coalition

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Duration: Unknown, existed in 1984 - Unknown, apparently existed in 1991
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

The Baltimore Anti-Apartheid Coalition (BAAC) consisted of individuals and organizations including the Baltimore chapter of the National Black Independent Political Party, the NAACP, TransAfrica and the Rainbow Coalition. BAAC campaigned to get the city of Baltimore to divest its pension funds from companies, banks or financial institutions that did business in South Africa. BAAC campaigned for the prohibition of the sale of the Krugerrand, a South African gold coin. BAAC worked closely with the Coalition for a Free South Africa, a student group at Johns Hopkins University. (Source: Max Obuszewski, a former member of the Baltimore Anti-Apartheid Coalition; the Baltimore Nonviolence Center website at accessed June 26, 2014; and newspaper articles including: "Rally demands city halt apartheid ties" by Tea Montier, Baltimore Afro-American, January 1, 1985; "March on City Hall Monday to protest S. African role" by Tea Montier, Baltimore Afro-American February 26, 1985; and "Anti-apartheid activities set for National Divestment Day" by Racine S. Winborne, Baltimore Afro-American, March 25, 1986.)