Atlanta Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism

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Duration: Unknown, existed in 1986 and 1987
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

The Atlanta Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism (A-SCAR) was a representative group of different student committees at eleven institutions of higher education in the metropolitan Atlanta area. A-SCAR worked against apartheid and racial discrimination through protests against companies doing business in South Africa, educational campaigns and pressure on United States government officials to prevent the escalation of war in southern Africa. A-SCAR also worked in support of the struggle against South Africa's occupation of Namibia. A-SCAR sponsored a southern regional anti-apartheid conference. A-SCAR organized numerous educational forums including a regional meeting sponsored by the United Nations Council for Namibia. (Source: Testimony of Keith Jennings of A-SCAR to the Special Committee Against Apartheid in United States Student Movement Against Apartheid, Hearings at United Nations Headquarters, 27 June 1986 Notes and Documents 10/86, United Nations Centre Against Apartheid, September 1986; and "Summary Record of the 608th Meeting", Special Committee Against Apartheid, United Nations General Assembly, September 16, 1987 A/AC.115/SR.6608)