Anti-Apartheids Beweging Nederland

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Alternate Names: Netherlands Institute on Southern Africa
Duration: 1971 - 1997
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anti-Apartheids Beweging Nederland (AABN) (Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement) was formed in 1971. Among those involved in the founding was a South African, the Afrikaner Berend Schuitema. The organization focused on the liberation struggle in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and South Africa. AABN supported the African National Congress and various solidarity campaigns for divestment from companies doing business in South Africa and the release of political prisoners. AABN also campaigned in support of the arms, oil and cultural boycotts of South Africa. In 1997 it was one of three organizations which had been active as supporters of the anti-apartheid that merged to form the Netherlands Institute on Southern Africa (NiZA).

Organizational Archive

Title: Anti-Apartheids Beweging Nederland
Time Span: 1971 - 1994
Media: 230 boxes
Description: The collection includes correspondence and material relating to various campaigns including campaign fliers. Publications include annual reports (1975-1986), research reports, books, brochures, campaigning materials plus all issues of its magazines Anti-Apartheids Niews, Zuidelijk Afrika Nieuws, and De Anti-apartheidskrant. This is an extensive archive on campaigns related to Southern Africa including South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Files on the main AABN-campaigns 1973-1976 (Southern Africa Congresses, Rhodesia sanctions campaign, Namibia/SWAPO-support activities, SACTU Support Fund, Banks campaign, Philips and the arms embargo, etc.). Archives Material Support Group 1976-1989 (mainly on material support to ANC, esp. SOMAFCO), Archives Women's Group 1978-1989. 'Education against apartheid' campaign 1976-1991: support for SOMAFCO, etc. (incl. campaign 'Youth against apartheid' 1985). Some 60 (selected) campaign files on AABN-actions and activities 1977-1985. Files on major AABN-campaigns 1979-1993: Cultural Conference 1982, Hearing on South African aggression and Amandla tour 1983, POW-status ANC-combatants 1979-1980, National Anti-Apartheid Manifestation 1988, Foreign Nationals in the SADF 1987-1990, Exhibition 'Hidden Camera' 1988-1989, Hearing on Kidnappings by SA 1988, Welcome Mandela Comité 1990, POPCRU/police activities & political violence monitoring 1989-1993, Ilima Conference a.o. environment SA activities 1991-1993, Ipi Tombi action 1981, disinvestment activities 1980s, activities on gays in SA, etc. Liaison Group (AAM's in EU) 1987-1995 + SANAM/Standing Ctee NGO's (EU). Video-productions and activities AABN 1984-1990. Local AA-groups 1976-1991. Final activities AABN in the autumn of 1994. Foundation CASA 1987-1988 (established to organize the cultural conference and festival 'Culture in Another South Africa' in Amsterdam, December 1987). Foundation Malibongwe 1990-1991 (established to organise the Malibongwe women's conference in Amsterdam, January 1991). Foundation Thembisa 1991-1992 (established to organize building project for returning exiles in the Transkei) For more details see Summarised description of the anti-apartheid archives transferred from NiZA to the IISH (March 2008)
Housed At: International Institute of Social History
Location: Address for visitors: Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT Amsterdam Correspondence address: P.O. Box 2169, 1000 CD Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Phone: + 31 20 6685866
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