Anti-Apartheid Bewegung

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Alternate Names: Co-ordination for Southern Africa, Koordination Südliches Afrika
Duration: 1974 - 1994 (successor organization continues)
Location: Germany

Founded in 1974, Anti-Apartheid Bewegung (AAB, Anti-Apartheid Movement), the major anti-apartheid organization in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, West Germany). AAB was based in Bonn with local branches in a number of cities in the FRG. AAB supported the liberation struggle in South Africa and Namibia. In the 1970s the AAB won the support of student and church groups and a few courageous members of the federal parliament. Only in the second half of the 1980s did support include unions, political organizations and political parties. AAB campaigned in the sensitive area of military and nuclear collaboration with South Africa by the FRG government and German companies. In the mid-1970s AAB published a number of secret documents that showed this nuclear collaboration existed and in 1978 hosted on international conference on military and nuclear cooperation between Germany and South Africa. AAB was involved in numerous campaigns including against bank loans to South Africa and the importation of South African fruit, the international campaign against the oil company Shell for its sales to the apartheid government. AAB supported the sports and cultural boycott of South Africa. The AAB was also involved in AAB worked with the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa and the South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO) of Namibia. AAB campaigned for the release of Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners. After the end of the apartheid and the election of Nelson Mandela to the South African president in May 1994 the anti-apartheid movement redefined its work and changed their name to "Afrika-Süd Aktionsbündnis" (AAB, Alliance for action on Southern Africa], which continued to carry out solidarity work with the southern Africa. Since the end of August 2001, AAB was dissolved and Koordination Südliches Afrika (KOSA, Co-ordination for Southern Africa) became the successor organization. (Source: KOSA website English version and Die Deutsche Anti-Apartheidbewegung by Gottfried Wellmer in FriedensForum, , 7/2005, published by Netzwerk Friedenskooperative)

Organizational Archive

Title: Anti-Apartheid Bewegung (Anti-Apartheid Movement)
Media: 750 files; correspondence, posters, publications, campaign materials
Description: This collection of documents represents 20 years work in Bonn resident German offices of the AAB. The collection covers the period 1974 - 1994. Among them are e.g. the materials, which to the different campaigns (against weapon supplies, for the release Nelson Mandelas or banks -, fruits -, sport -, Shell -, culture boycott) were provided, as well as the appropriate background information. Other files document the work of the AAB Lokalgruppen and the work of initiatives against the apartheid outside of the AAB. The collection includes correspondences with members of the Bundestag, church dignitaries and members of the South African liberations movement including the African National Congress [South Africa] and SWAPO (South West African Peoples Organization) [Namibia]. The collection contains many Periodicals and brochures from the German-speaking countries, in addition, some from the Netherlands and British anti-apartheid movement and from South Africa. The collection includes posters, transparencies, photos, an exhibition and a small library.
Housed At: Archiv fuer alternatives Schrifttum
Location: Schwarzenberger Str. 147, 47226 Duisburg, Germany
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