African Heritage Studies Association

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Duration: 1968 - Unknown
Location: New York, New York, United States

The African Heritage Studies Association (AHSA) was an association of scholars of African descent dedicated to the preservation, interpretation and presentation of the historical and cultural heritage of African peoples, both on the ancestral soil of Mother Africa and is diaspora in the Americas and throughout the world. After years of disappointment in the African Studies Association's (ASA) refusal to have discussion panels on Apartheid and Racism in US foreign policy, African-Americans attending a meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA) in Los Angeles in 1968 decided in to protest the International Meeting of ASA in Montreal in 1969 and establish the AHSA. (Source: DIMENSIONS OF THE STRUGGLE AGAINST APARTHEID: A TRIBUTE TO PAUL ROBESON HELD UNDER THE AUSPICES OF UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL COMMITTEE AGAINST APARTHEID (10 April 1978), African Heritage Studies Association, 1979; and Tilden LeMelle, a founder of the AHSA.)