Africa Resource Center

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Duration: 1979 - Unknown, exited in 1990
Location: Oakland, California, United States

The Africa Resource Center (ARC) was started by a group of journalists, activists and other regular working people. They had a vision of developing a community-based educational institution to help demystify the African continent and to accurately portray the diversity, depth and breadth of Africa. ARC supported African struggles against colonialism and apartheid. The Africa Resource Center supported campaigns for divestment from companies doing business in South Africa and studied U.S.-South African trade.  People involved included Miloanne Hecathorn and Walter Turner. (Source: Africa Resource Center document on this website; and other documents on this website including Southern Africa Literature List 1983, The Africa Fund, 1983; and Agenda West Coast Meeting to Stop South African Trade, Bay Area Free South Africa Movement, about August 1985.)