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Duration: 1986 - 1991
Location: London, United Kingdom

AA Enterprises was founded in 1986 and ceased trading in 1991. AA Enterprises was a workers' cooperative trading in support of the Front Line States of Southern Africa and the Anti-Apartheid Movement. AA Enterprises was affiliated to the Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) but an independent organization. AA Enterprises sold AAM material such as Christmas greeting cards, badges (buttons), T-shirts, mugs, and caps. AA Enterprises contributed revenue to the AAM in royalties, donations, sponsorship and payments for products and services. Besides selling merchandise from the various organizations AA Enterprises also produced its own T-shirts, greeting cards and other items, many of them using designs from artists in the Front Line States. AA Enterprises marketed a selection of fundraising T-shirts and other promotional items of the African National Congress (ANC) and SWAPO. In February 1989 AA Enterprises set up its own record label, AA Enterprises Records, to promote the music of the Front Line States. AA Enterprises played an active role in the Mozambique Angola Committee (MAC). (Source: a former member of AA Enterprises; REPORT OF ACTIVITIES 1988-89, AA Enterprises; and the Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives Committee)