(Vol. I, No. 7)
by Southern Africa Committee, Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa
About June 1972
Publisher: North American Anti-Imperialist Coalition
3 pages
Contents: MADISON AREA COMMITTEE ON SOUTHERN AFRICA • Southern Africa Committee (SAC) • The article says pursuing our two principal objectives, MACSA members recently have been involved in several projects aimed at creating an awareness in the local community of the situation in Southern Africa and in raising material support for the liberation movements. The newsletter says at our monthly general meetings, from February through May, we focused our discussions on the struggles in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola and Namibia; this was intended to be part of the, ongoing process of internal education, which we believe to be crucial; different people led the discussions each time, and for the discussion of Angola, we used the packet of visual aids material prepared by LSM. The newsletter says in addition to these sessions, we had two guest speakers who addressed larger community audiences: Robert van Lierop of New York gave an excellent slide-illustrated talk on his recent trip into free Mozambique with FRELIMO, and the South African poet, Dennis Brutus, spoke on "The Poetry of Suffering." The newsletter says in December MACSA raised over $1000 for MPLA and FRELIMO, which was sent to the two movements in the form of medicines through the Liberation Support Movement of Vancouver (LSM); this spring we have launched another fundraising campaign to aid the striking workers of Namibia; we are focusing our campaign this time on local churches and labor unions. Initially we sent out a letter of appeal to unions and churches, accompanied by some material explaining how American exploitation of cheap labor in Namibia affects workers in this country and telling of the courageous stand that some church leaders have taken against South African oppression in Namibia. The newsletter says SAC recently went through an all-day “evaluation session”, assessing the scene in southern Africa, North American responses, and how the committee sees itself fitting into the emerging patterns; committee member came away with a renewed commitment to make our newsletter "Southern Africa Magazine" the main focus of our efforts, to help in the research and writing for a book on US. economic involvement southern Africa (presently being prepared by Tami Hultman and Reed Kramer), and towards improving and marketing the slide tape show shown at the Eastern NAAIC meeting in Boston; the committee decided to drop its literature services but to carry other groups’ lit lists in response to future requests. The newsletter says this spring, SAC members have been involved with actions aimed at various corporations at their annual stockholders' meetings, working with and without the churches as sponsors; a detailed survey will be published in the June-July issue of Southern Africa Magazine; briefly, "disclosure resolutions" were debated and voted down at the annual meetings of Goodyear, Gulf, GM, AMAX and Newmont Mining, large demonstrations and leafleting were held protesting the importation of chrome from Rhodesia at Union Carbide and Foote Mineral Co., the Gulf Boycott Coalition leafleted and held a "Liberation Celebration" at Gulfs meeting, and the Namibia Support Group leafleted the AMAX meeting. The newsletter discusses CCSA (Council for Christian Social Action of the United Church of Christ, UCC), ACOA (American Committee on Africa), Motive magazine, the World Council of Churches, the Corporate Information Center, Gulf Oil, General Motors, ITT, IBM, U.S. corporations, O’okiep Mining, and Mobil Oil. [Note: This PDF includes two articles in rgw NAAIC Newsletter that relate to Africa solidarity organizations.]
Used by permission of former members of the Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa and the Southern Africa Committee.
Collection: Carole Collins Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections