CRV Action on Southern Africa

by Committee of Returned Volunteers
New York, New York, United States
Undated, Fall 1969?
5 pages
Contents: SUGGESTIONS FOR ACTION PROJECTS ON SOUTHERN AFRICA AND LIBERATION MOVEMENTS • PROPOSAL FOR SUGAR PROJECT • OTHER PROJECTS • The report says it is a characteristic of the Movement in the United States that by in large a "crisis-response" mentality tends to prevail in the case of foreign affairs; yet the impact of American imperialism on Third World peoples is not limited to those countries which appear daily in the public media; to the extent that the Movement's understanding and detailed knowledge of the Third World is limited to those areas to which the biggest blunders of the US draw attention, it has failed to deal in any long term way with the structure of the system of oppression as a whole, and ignores important developments happening in many other significant areas. The report says Southern Africa has obvious relevance for the black movement in the US; for instance - the bank campaign (against banks lending money to the South African government) has been widely used as an international example of America's domestic racism by groups from the Black Panthers, SNCC, James Forman to CORE; as a result grass roots organizations fighting in the black community against racism often display an international aspect to their analysis and protest. The report says beyond the issues of racism and economic imperialism, Southern Africa is an important part of the fabric of American dominated international/western imperialism. The report says events in Southern Africa have important implications for NATO: Through NATO, the US supplies arms to Portugal. The report says technically these arms are not to be used in the colonial wars against the Liberation Movements of Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Angola, but some are. The report says due to protest, US navel ships no longer refuel in South Africa - they now refuel in Mozambique and Angola!  The report says South Africa controls about 80% of the "free world's" gold supply; the world monetary structure us based on the gold standard. The report says South Africa particularly sells herself as the bastion against communism and as the defender of Western/Christian civilization on the African continent. The report says the US claims to object to South Africa's and Portugal's policies and actions in Southern Africa, to support the movements for self-determination; in reality, the US bolsters these policies. Solidarity means not only support for the guerrillas, but a recognition of participation in a common struggle. Actions taken should not be viewed merely as protest against apartheid, racism and injustice. The report discusses controls on export of capital, Sharpeville, sanctions, the Portuguese territories, NACLA, the Africa Research Group, research, action, SDS, B.W. Dyer & Co., refugees, GM (General Motors), Gulf, Cornell, Princeton, direct action, consulates, embassies, high schools, universities, literature, disengagement, an international system of oppression and exploitation, the November Mobilization in Washington, DC, action at the South African and Portuguese embassies, and raising money.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers